Scholarship programme


Sponsoring a child means giving him/her the chance to access private education in a school that is of high quality with great facilities. This education will give them the opportunity to grow, to then seek advanced studies at universities and eventually develop a career. By sponsoring a child, you improve his living conditions but also society itself.

Our actions?

In 2016, Children of Africa found 8 generous sponsors!

Georgina, Amidiwe, Nelson, Gerson and Lucas will start secondary school at Haradali Winners

Janitor, Isaya and Modeckai are sponsored for primary school!

How does it work?

When a new child joins the orphanage, we are committed to finding a sponsor in order for him to attend school among the other children of the orphanage.

Primary school is $600 per year at  Haradali Pre-Primary School

Secondary School is $1,200 per year at Haradali Winners Secondary School (boarding school). This cost covers school-related fees, living costs, books as well as uniforms.

We have visited those two schools, which have highly qualified and committed teachers as well as good facilities. Each sponsor will receive regular updates in regards to the evolution of his child and will have the opportunity to communicate with him as often as he/she wishes.

Who are the children?

Our association works with the Ebenezer orphanage in Arusha in Tanzania.  Before arriving to the orphanage, most of the children never had the chance to go to school. Some were bound to remain within their Masai community and others came from poor or unstable families that could not send their children to school, other were just abandoned. Education is the only way to improve your life standards in Tanzania.

Below are images and information about the children of Ebenezer. They all came at different times and all have a different history, tribe and age. They are now part of the Ebenezer family and as Julieth says, they are brothers and sisters. As there was no clear information given to Julieth about the kids, their age, their last name, or sometimes, their history remain uncertain.